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Challenge and variety in your projects.
As an Engineer, we offer you the perfect innovation playground.
Together, we continuously work on your personal growth.

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Verhaert Masters in Innovation is a pioneering product innovation group with innovation centres in Kruibeke, Nivelles, Kortrijk, Ghent, Antwerp, Utrecht and Aveiro. We work cross-sectorally to share best practices and experts in innovation in different industries.

Within our group "Verhaert Masters in Innovation", Verhaert On-Site Consulting is your partner giving you access to the acquisition of innovation talent and the strengthening of your innovation capacity.

As an employee, you’re part of our group, a community of talented people. Their mission is to master innovation, so we can create a better world for all of us. Give them a variety of projects in various fields and the chance to develop both their technical and communication skills, and you get driven and committed experts.

Join Verhaert On-Site Consulting and become a part of an international community of talented designers, engineers and scientists. Together, we work on a diverse range of projects, delivering exceptional results and true value to our customers. Become a master in innovation and together boost our customers’ capacity to innovate.

Eager to discover the career opportunities available at Verhaert On-Site Consulting? Explore our current job openings and see which profiles we’re actively seeking. Check out our engineer’s job opening.

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Thinking ahead and creating forward-looking solutions.
Together, we go for the set goals.
We offer tailor-made solutions.
Persoonlijke ontwikkeling
We invest in attracting, retaining and growth of our employees....
"We have lots of colleagues with expertise, so if I come upon a challenge I know I will find an answer within Verhaert On-Site Consulting."
Arthur Van Damme
Arthur Van Damme Product Design Engineer

Bij Verhaert On-Site consulting zijn de volgende 15 vacatures beschikbaar:

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