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Air is a Foodstuff
A human being needs around 30 kg of it per day in best quality.

Kalthoff develops and produces air filters as bag-type filters, panel filters and compact filters from high-quality synthetic composite nonwoven or as HEPA-filters with efficiencies higher than 99.9995 %.

Kalthoff is a medium-sized, internationally active company in the field of development, production and sales of air filters, which is growing dynamically.

With our air filters, we contribute to better life- and working conditions, because our products prepare ambient air for the supply of HVAC-systems in air-conditioning and ventilation technology as well as in industrial process technology.

Our customers include facility management companies, manufacturers of Air-Handling-Units (AHU) as well as consumers of after-sales products. The sustainable Kalthoff air filters are used in almost all industrial sectors (e.g. food, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, telecommunications, hospitals, etc.).

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