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Inetum-Realdolmen, part of the international Inetum Group, helps its more than 800 customers find their way in the post-digital transformation era with approximately 1,950 specialist employees in Belgium and 27,000 colleagues worldwide. Our ambition is to be the trusted technology expert and preferred business partner that helps organizations get the most out of their Positive Digital Flow. We guide our customers worldwide and locally, with digital technology and innovation at the heart of our added value.

Live your positive digital flow

We have entered the post digital transformation era. For our clients, this world’s evolution generates new opportunities for a more efficient and positively-impactful business. It also opens new opportunities for our teams. This is why we strive to enable each one of our 1,950 employees in Belgium and 27,000 collaborators worldwide to continuously renew themselves. 

We reconcile local excellence – in 26 countries – and the innovative and industrial power of a global leader. We share what makes our worth in order to grow together: an expert community with a positive mindset, enterprising and pragmatic. 

We shape career pathways that everyone can personalise to create their own path. No matter their job. From mission to mission. And according to the technologies or business sectors they prefer. 

With our feet on the ground and a forward-thinking mindset, we initiate a movement that enables each of our employees to positively live their own digital flow.

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