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Armonea is the largest independent provider of senior care in Belgium and belongs to the top ten players in Europe. In 86 residential care centers, service flats and service residences throughout Belgium, in 26 residential care centers and 6 day centers in Spain and in 17 residential care centers in Germany, our more than 15,000 seniors feel at home every day thanks to 9,800 employees.
For almost 40 years we have given our residents every opportunity to enjoy every day. We believe that happiness is not an age, that everyone has their story and that we can inspire a positive outlook on age. We do this by making our residents feel at home, we let them enjoy every day and keep them in touch with family and friends. We provide excellent care so that our residents can live their life as they wish. Our motivated employees, responsible for nursing and care, animation, cleaning, kitchen (food & beverage), administration, ... stand by our residents day by day.
Ambitious and progressive
Armonea raises its utmost priority in the care and services sector for seniors, in terms of development, quality and operational excellence: by offering our seniors a quality living environment, service and care, we respect their autonomy and individual needs. Our ambition is also clearly visible through the new residential care centers in the coming years.
A place where people are central
Our slogan is "There is no age to happiness." And that is for a good reason: every day our 6,400 employees surround more than 9,000 seniors with the best care and the greatest comfort, and as our employees take care of our residents, so does Armonea for his employees: by guiding them well and by keeping their knowledge up to date through diverse trainings, there are various possibilities for developing yourself: you can specialize as an expert in a particular discipline, but also grow into a managerial position.

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