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CAF-DCF is a Belgian company specialized in the commercialization of plasma derived medicines. They have long term expertise in life-saving products for rare and life-threatening diseases in three therapeutic domains : immunology, intensive care and hemostasis.


Their driving values are :


  • Ethical commitment
  • Dedication to Belgian healthcare services
  • Safety of their products and of patients using them
  • Trust


The use of blood plasma drawn from volunteer donors and the preparation of products intended to save patients are the cornerstone of their "human-to-human approach".

CAF-DCF is controlled by the French biopharmaceutical group LFB. The company has historically been founded by the Belgian Red Cross and has a 40 years history of ethical product development , production and commercialization in the field of plasma derived medicines. 

Bij CAF-DCF zijn de volgende 2 vacatures beschikbaar: